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How you can provide your assistance to the Orthopaedic Help For Ukraine?

We have the specialist skills in our Ukrainian hospitals to treat the trauma patients from the war but urgently need more equipment and medical supplies. Please HELP US to treat patients locally, more effectively quicker and for a fraction of the cost of other European countries helping to save many more lives as a result.

You can help us in three ways
We set up and amend with the needed positions the list of the medical devices and equipment, which are of vital demand for surgeries by hospitals in Ukraine, and against which we are requesting your support.
The current LIST1 can be found here
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We continuously review and update a list of the medical supplies and medicines, which are of critical need in Ukrainian hospitals, and against which we are requesting your support.
The current LIST2 can be found here
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We also raise funds to pay for the hospitals' expenses and medications, implants, prosthesis, other medical supplies etc for surgeries and recovery healthcare. Our work also includes arranging doctors and medical staff appointments for taking care of the victims of the war.
You can donate to the bank account:
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EG “ The help we have received from Orthopedic Help Ukraine has made a significant difference, we specify the exact medical equipment we need and they source and deliver it directly to our hospital. Their work has saved hundreds of lives already”
“We are desperately short of vital medical supplies , in many cases we have run out of them. We urgently need more medical equipment , our hospitals are overloaded. Orthopedic Help Ukraine has helped keep us going but they and we urgently need more help. Please do anything you can to support us”.
“The medical aid we need is just not getting through from the main charities. The equipment and supplies from Orthopedic Help Ukraine have been vital in not only saving lives but also providing the medical care locally to avoid limbs being amputated saving not only lives but the quality of those lives”

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